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Be a Master of Craps – Hints and Strategies: The History of Craps

Be smart, play smart, and learn how to play craps the proper way!

Dice and dice games date back to the Middle Eastern Crusades, but modern craps is approximately one hundred years old. Modern craps evolved from the old English game called Hazard. No one knows for certain the birth of the game, although Hazard is believed to have been invented by the Anglo, Sir William of Tyre, around the 12th century. It’s believed that Sir William’s horsemen gambled on Hazard through a blockade on the fortification Hazarth in 1125 AD. The name Hazard was acquired from the castle’s name.

Early French settlers brought the game Hazard to Nova Scotia. In the 1700s, when exiled by the English, the French relocated south and settled in southern Louisiana where they a while later became known as Cajuns. When they departed Acadia, they took their favored game, Hazard, along. The Cajuns broke down the game and made it more mathematically fair. It’s said that the Cajuns changed the title to craps, which is derived from the term for the losing toss of two in the game of Hazard, referred to as "crabs."

From Louisiana, the game migrated to the Mississippi riverboats and across the country. A good many think the dice maker John H. Winn as the founder of modern craps. In 1907, Winn assembled the current craps setup. He put in place the Do not Pass line so gamblers can bet on the dice to lose. Afterwords, he invented the boxes for Place wagers and added the Big 6, Big 8, and Hardways.

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Become Versed in Craps – Pointers and Schemes: Don’t Toss in the Towel

Be smart, play intelligent, and pickup how to bet on craps the right way!

Over your craps-gambling life, you will likely experience more non-winning times than winners. Accept it. You must learn to gamble in the real world, not in a fairytale. Craps is designed for the gambler to throw away their money.

Say, following a few hours, the ivories have brought down your chips leaving only $20. You have not noticed a hot toss in a long time. though losing is just as much a part of the game as succeeding, you can’t help but feel awful. You think about why you ever came to Las Vegas in the first place. You were a mountain for two hours, but it did not work. You are looking to succeed so acutely that you relinquish control of your comprehension. You’re down to your last $20 for the day and you have no fight remaining. Leave with your $20!

You must at no time capitulate, never bow out, at no time think, "This blows, I’m going to put the rest on the Hard 4 and, if I don’t win, then I will leave. However if I profit, I’ll be right back where I started." This is the most brainless thing you could do at the closure of a bad luck session.

If you insist on giving your mulla up, for heaven’s sake give it to your favored charity. Don’t award it to the gambling hall. At times, you shall succeed on a single one of those moronic wagers, but do not think you’ll earn sufficiently over time to even out your squanderings.

Now you understand! Remember, become versed in how to gamble on craps the proper way.

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